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Senin, 26 Januari 2015

SHORT FUNCTIONAL TEXT berikut contoh dan penjelasannya

selamat malam, pada kesempatan kali ini mas Johny akan membagikan sebuah materi untuk membantu kalian belajar bahasa Inggris dan matyeri kali ini adalah short functional text. silahkan disimak yah..
            Notice is a warning or notification in the form of writing or marks to provide information, instruction, or a warning to the public.



            Label is a information contained on the outside packaging of a product or goods.
The Purpose Of Label : To give detailed information about of product.

Example 1:
-         This label contains name of the product and volume
-          The brand is PARKINS
-          This label shows us nutrition at the foods we consume
-          Placed at can or packed paper or plastic.

Example 2:
-          This label informs us the pack contains.
-          When we should consume the  pills
-          The label informs us tha name of product, the brand and chemistry containing inside.

Example 3:

The label informs us the brand of product, description and size

            Letter is a means of communication to convey information written by one party to another.
Function: a means of notices, requests, thoughts, and ideas, written evidence, as a reminder, the historical evidence, and guidelines.

Example 1:

-          Ronie’s grandfather diesd an hour ago.
-          Ronie hear the news about his grandfather’s death.
-          He wanted sophie and he would go for the funeral together.

Example 2:

-          Kadita writes a letter to Ratu
-          Kadita tells what happened at year end at school
-          Kadita wants to hear about RAtu’s party at year end

untuk materi short functional text yang lain yang belum mas Johny share kepada kalian, akan mas Johny posting di lain waktu.... selamat beraktifitas..

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